Patented # 9,483,966 B2 - 3D Billboards, 3D Vinyl

Art Work Specs





When Setting Up Your Artwork Files:

It is important to have your 3D prop on separate layers from your background layer. We will need your working files for both.

  • You will need to continue the background scene where the 3D prop would be placed, we place the 3D Prop over that.

  • It would be preferable for the 3D prop artwork to be Vector


Final files we need from you are:


Files can be: PSD/ Ai / IND / PDF / Tiff

You can send just the vinyl without the 3D prop in a single pdf file or You can send the working files with organized layers so long as the 3D prop is able to be hidden, and the background scene extends behind where the prop would be placed.

3D Prop

We would prefer to use Vector so when we scale we don’t worry about loss of quality.

Please send as an Ai file or the artwork as high res as you can get it.

**Don't forget about the different angles that might be shown that aren't shown in your artwork but will be shown when made 3D. ex: Top, Bottom & Sides of a car etc.