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3D Vinyl

3D Vinyl


Soft Signs 3D Revolutionizing Billboard Signage – 3D Vinyl

Soft Sign 3D has revolutionized the way billboards are being designed, we have created an exciting new way to capture people’s attention. Visually appealing and fun, the 3D all in one vinyl process transforms your 2D design into 3D reality – there’s no way your billboard will go unnoticed! Soft Signs 3D all in one vinyl are also seen much better at high speeds over other 2D signage; and there are other numerous advantages of 3D all in one vinyl over traditional billboard marketing.

Cost Effective and Virtually No Install Time!

One of the most attractive advantages about 3D all in one vinyl is the reduction in price; many of the billboards we produce are up to 80% less in price than traditional 3D foam billboards. The cost effectiveness of 3D all in one vinyl allows you to enter the lucrative billboard arena and get the most out of your marketing budget. Due to the nature of its design the 3D all in one vinyl has a drastically reduced install time – saving you time and money. This ease of install allows the signage to be moved around with greater ease and enables you to reach more markets.

Making the Creative Process Easy – 3D Vinyl

Soft Signs 3D all in one vinyl have a warranted display life of around 10 months, units will last longer. At Soft Signs 3D we work closely with clients to design your signage to meet or exceed your expectations. We will take your initial creative concept or sketch and then create a physical mini 3D sculpture of your billboard or prop. At this stage we work with you to make sure that your vision is achieved – the client can make as many changes as they want at this stage at no cost (except time). We then proceed to create an air sculpture – again at this stage you can tweak the design at no cost to you. Once we have attained final approval from the client we affix the design to the vinyl. Ideally the entire process        takes 7-8 weeks.

3D Signs –  Bigger is Better!

Bigger is better in our book! The bigger the 3D prop the better it works as a 3D All in One vinyl. We also encourage our clients to create characters or visual concepts that involve cartoonish characters – not only are they fun but they replicate into 3D much better than ‘realistic’ renderings. We also try to create visuals that have rounder edges to take full advantage of the 3D perspective.

At SoftSigns3D we are passionate about what we do – please contact us to learn how we can turn your creative idea into an exciting reality!